For Instructors

The FEFE Social Learning Platform is a powerful complementary tool to regular face-to-face classroom activities, since it provides an environment for virtual collaboration of learners and educators across both national and international contexts.
Through the communication channels of the platform, learners can be encouraged to engage in learning with peers in their country or abroad, which will expand further their knowledge, skills and competences in the area of financial literacy.
Educators could collaborate with colleagues outside their institutions and exchange lesson plans and learning materials. Moreover, the platform will allow for coordinating the virtual projects of their learners.

The FEFE Social Learning Platform has the following functionalities:

  • Chat option. Inside the chat option you have also the video-call group option that could be very useful for tutorial sessions.
  • Access to a Forum: there are general forums defined, but also specific Forums have been created for each off the languages: English, German, Greek and Spanish.   You could go to a specific Forum and publish new posts, view the existing ones, or reply to any of them.

In order to access to the Social Learning, two options are possible:

  1. Accessing from FEFE Home project web page:
  2. Accessing directly through the SLP link:

Once accessed to the FEFE Social Learning you need to sign up in the platform by the Educators option were your institution should be reported.