FEFE is a cross-sectoral co-operation which will develop the financial literacy and entrepreneurial mind-sets of learners across VET and Higher Education (HE) contexts.   The central feature of the project is the development and implementation of a digital ‘serious game’ (a game the primary purpose of which is learning/training) which will be freely available as an Online Education Resource (OER) accessible via mobile devices.

Through FEFE, learners will develop key skills required of entrepreneurs: the ability to make better financial decisions, be better able to understand and access alternative sources of finance and be more willing to trade across international boundaries.  Developing these skills will encourage more learners to become entrepreneurs and will enable them to grow their own enterprises more effectively.  These skills will also make learners more employable generally, and will enable them to contribute more effectively to the growth of any enterprise in which they are employed.  FEFE, therefore, will have a positive impact on Europe’s economic growth and job creation.

The first prototype of FEFE game is ready. Please email Matt Davies of Aston Business School at m.l.davies@aston.ac.uk if you would like to join our team of testers.